Covington Capital Corporation

Helping to fulfill your financial needs

As a small boutique lender, Covington Capital Corporation has provided financial products and services for both the consumer and small businesses for over 30 years. Founded in 1983, it has offered and participated in various financial ventures, including automobile dealership inventory flooring and the financing of sub-prime automobile installment purchase agreements. The latter having become its core business. Today, Covington serves a network of automobile dealership along the Wasatch Front with their special needs financing. Covington adheres to all lending laws in the state of Utah. Covington was recently included as one of two subprime lenders on the statewide CUDL (Credit Union Direct Lending) platform along with being a lending source on the nationwide Dealertrack system.¬†Because of its size and hands on approach to underwriting, its approvals are not score based. Covington takes the time to listen to its applicant’s credit explanations and recognizes that divorce, loss of job, uninsured medical expenses and other unexpected challenges affect the lives of many good people.